McDonald’s Refuses to Give Homeless Man a Job Unless He Shaves His Beard—Then a Cop Steps in to Do Something Remarkable


With the media flooded with all sorts of bad news, it’s rare that you see a heartwarming story light up the Internet — but the simple act of a Tallahassee police officer has done just that.

Kelly Duvall’s daughter, Hannah, recently captured an inspiring interaction between a cop and a homeless man that just had to be captured on camera.

“My daughter just sent me this picture and called to tell me the story, I had to share,” wrote Kelly on Facebook. “She went to the gas station and saw this officer shaving a homeless man’s beard.”


“A minute later the officer went into the store and Hannah walked in after him and saw him cleaning himself up because he was hot and sweaty,” Kelly continued. “She offered to buy him a drink and got talking.”

It turns out the officer had just left the nearby McDonald’s, and he saw the homeless man approach the manager looking for a job.

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The man was refused a job unless he shaved his beard off.

“So the officer went and got some clippers and shaved the man’s beard so he could go back and get a job!” shared Kelly. “I am so proud to live in a community where our deputies and officers are such wonderful people. Good job Tallahassee Police Department!!!”

After Kelly’s post went viral, she was able to track down both the name of the homeless man and the officer who helped him that day.

“The TPD officer is Officer Carlson! I have been contacted by so many people telling me what an amazing man he is with an incredibly big heart,” she wrote in an update. “The homeless man’s name is Philip and he will be starting at McDonald’s next Monday if all goes right. He needs to get a copy of his social security card and id and he will be good to go! Thank you Officer Carlson for changing this man’s life!”

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