To the Mom With the Screaming Toddlers & Complaining Teenagers

When it comes to superheroes, Marvel doesn’t come close to the power, love and multitasking magnificence of a mother.

It’s no secret that moms are really our superheroes. But far too often, the woman who’s changed thousands of diapers and sacrificed her body and precious hours of sleep is the one who feels unworthy, incapable and down-right discouraged.

Constance Hall knows the feeling well. In fact, that’s exactly how she perceived herself not too long ago while spending time with one of her close friends—who just happens to be a child therapist.

“You’re such a good mum,” the friend told Constance.


“Feeling like a total fraud I blurted, ‘I don’t feel like a good mum. The kids are driving me so crazy, I’m losing my temper and falling asleep at night wondering where I’m going to get the patience for another day.’”

The friend replied with a simple but profound statement that has stuck with Constance ever since. It gave her a renewed energy for motherhood and the confidence she needed as a mom.

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“Babies cry, it’s how they communicate,” the friend said. “Toddlers scream, children whine and teenagers complain. Then mums say the words ‘for [goodness] sake’ under their breath before responding. It’s how we communicate. But guess what Con? It’s better than silence.”

She continued:

“A house full of screaming kids and fighting teenagers and a parent who’s being thrown every question and request is a healthy one to me. It’s the silent children, the scared toddlers, the teenagers that don’t come home and the parents who aren’t in communication with their children that I worry about. And kids don’t drive you crazy, you were crazy already. That’s why you had them.”

Inspired by her words, Constance shared the interaction on Facebook, which garnered shares from thousands of moms who desperately needed that same reminder.

“And just like that, I felt like a good parent again, she wrote with the story. ‘Deep breaths, you’re doing a good job.'”


All the praise for every mama out there who puts their heart and soul into the beautiful mess that is motherhood. You are the strongest women we know, and this life wouldn’t be the same without you.

Share this reminder with a mom who needs it today, and thank a mother who’s made an impact on your life. I promise you, it’ll make their day!

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