“Not a Cluster of Cells”: Mom Shares Raw Photos of Stillborn Delivered at 14 Weeks

His life mattered. It still matters, and this beautiful, grieving mama hopes that sharing her son’s life will lead other expectant mothers to think twice about abortion.

“I know that many women feel that they have no other choice, and later they regret their decision to have an abortion,” she told Live Action News.

Since sharing her intimate photos, a handful of those women have written to her expressing their pain. Her loving message of support to them is that there is hope, healing and forgiveness in Christ.

“There are many who would love to talk to you and help you through your grief. I do not shame or condemn anyone; I only offer my condolences and hope for the future.”

Felicia says though this process has been “miserable” and “heart-rending,” she’s thankful that God has allowed her the ability and strength to share Jepeth’s “precious life.”


She closed with an encouragement to anyone reading this who’s ever lost a loved one:

“To those who have experienced a similar loss, my heart goes out to you. Your love for your lost ones is not in vain. God is good, even still.”

SHARE Jepeth’s life with your friends today, and let others know that his life—and every life—matters.

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