Child Protective Services Tries to Take Son—Then Mom Notices His Name Is Spelled Wrong…

child protective services

Whether it be at a grocery store or your local Target, it seems anywhere is fair game for predators to be lurking nowadays. People tend to think of human trafficking as something that happens in some far off third-world country, but the reality is that it’s happening in our own backyards, and even knocking on our front doors.

New York mother Ashley Bradley shared her scary encounter with a potential sex trafficker with Love What Matters, and now she’s warning other parents of the sneaky scam that almost stole her son:


I was just home with my son putting him down for a nap when a lady knocked on my door saying she was with Delaware County Child Protective Services and they were here to remove Ja’vonni from my care. At first, I was so mad and hurt I wasn’t thinking right but then I realized that she:

  1. Didn’t have a state issued badge.
  2. My son’s name was spelled wrong on the folder she had in her hand and
  3. I have no CPS cases, so they would not have been coming to my house.

When I asked her for proof of who she was she got an attitude and stated, ‘I just told you who I am.’

I then told her I was going to call the police. I went to get my phone, she was standing on my porch as I would not let her into my home. When I walked back out into my living room from getting my phone she was walking very fast around the corner of my house.

I contacted the police. My son is going to stay with someone safe for a few days until I can get my house set up to where ‘if’ someone attempts to come in and take my child they will leave in a body bag! The Officer said people come from different countries and states, kidnap kids and then traffic them. It does not matter the age.

The officer wasn’t able tell me anything at the time of the report but upon talking to several people and learning new things this same thing happened a few different places around the country. I’m waiting on the state police to check video surveillance to see if the lady was caught on video. I was very emotional and freaked out.”

So, this mom is going to make sure her baby is safe. For anyone who experiences this, lock your door, call the cops and keep your kids with you until they get there.”

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