Mom’s Genius “Secret” Ear Infection Cup Trick Goes Viral—And It’s So Simple It Hurts!

Ear Infection Cup Trick

Other parents chimed in with their experiences.

Parents around the world have liked and commented on Featherstone’s post. In fact, more than 100,000 people commented, some with mixed reactions. Here’s what some had to say. (Don’t worry, we won’t share all 100K comments here.)

Melissa West Carter: Why would relieving pain naturally and quickly ever be kept a secret?

Clemens Jonas: Also, when you use a Tim Horton’s Cup as pictured above, the kid will hear the soothing songs of Canadian Moose singing her/him to sleep.
Elaine Blackburn: Ceramic mugs get very hot in microwave so please check the rim before you place it on the childs head/ear! Im sure that’s common sense for many but it lt takes one bad decision to injure a innocent child
Beverly Allen Davis: This DOES work. Been doing it for many years. Learned the trick from an amazingly understanding flight attendant when my, then, 8 month old was having ear trouble during our flight. She soaked napkins with hot water and put in styrofoam cups, he quit crying within 5 min.
As with any medical treatment or home remedy, be sure to check with your child’s pediatrician or 24-hour nurse line.

**This post originally appeared on Echo Featherstone’s Facebook page. See more from her here

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