Mom’s Genius “Secret” Ear Infection Cup Trick Goes Viral—And It’s So Simple It Hurts!

Ear Infection Cup Trick

We all know earaches and ear infections can be a MASSIVE pain. Leaving you tossing and turning all night writhing in discomfort, you probably want an ear infection for Christmas about as badly as you want a root canal. Keep reading because I want to share the Ear Infection Cup Trick.

The pain is made even worse when you have to watch your little ones suffer, knowing there’s very little you can do to help comfort them.

But Echo Featherstone has just released a pain-relieving hack this month that she calls a “coveted family secret.” People refer to it as the Ear Infection Cup Trick.

After being shared over 600,000 times from her personal Facebook page, the secret is certainly out, and it’s so simple and effective you’re bound to want to give it a try yourself!

Read Echo’s post and instructions about the Ear Infection Cup Trick below:

“What I’m about to share with you, is a coveted family secret given to my mom from aunt Mer. Because as a child/ teen and now adult.. with ears prone to infections and broken eardrums.. I use this all the time.

Your child ever wake up screaming in pain of an ear infection?

Because it takes 30 minutes for pain meds to kick in, this is the handiest trick you will ever learn.

1. Take a face cloth and heat it up in water as hot as your hands can stand, and ring the water out.

2. Place the hot wet face cloth in a mug.

3. Place mug in the microwave for 20 seconds until the cup is warm and cloth is burning hot.

4. Place open end of mug on your child’s head, around the ear- being careful the hot cloth does not touch your child’s ear.

The pressure from the mug, will help relieve the pressure built up in the ear — VOILA — back to sleep and calmed /not crying.. and then the pain meds will kick in. You are welcome.”

Courtesy of Facebook/Echo Featherstone

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