Steve Harvey Breaks Down in His Emotional Apology to Miss Colombia: “I’m Beyond Sorry”

Though we all have forgiven Steve Harvey a thousand times over by now for his Miss Universe mishap, this humble man just felt it in his heart to say sorry one last time to the person he felt deserved it most: Miss Columbia. That’s why he recently decided to bring the Miss Universe runner-up on the show and have a heartfelt little one-on-one.

“I want to make sure she’s OK,” he said during his Tuesday episode. “I really need to see her. I really, really do. I need her to hear it from me.”

He hadn’t seen Ariadna Gutierrez since the night of the pageant. “I hope she’s forgiving,” he added right before she came on the show.

As though the incident just happened yesterday, Steve bears his heart to the young woman with a tearful apology that truly just speaks to how genuine he is.

“I just wanna say how sorry I am. I’m beyond sorry for what happened that night, and that it was you,” said Steve. “Really at the end of the day, I hope we walk away from here with something special.”

And I would say they have walked away with something special alright. After the emotional apology, watch as the two joke together about the live TV faux pas that had Steve’s stomach doing all kinds of “monkey flips.”

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After the media tried its darndest to pit these two against each other, I love watching them laugh it off like old friends just a month after the whole ordeal. Though she admits it was an emotional rollercoaster, Gutierrez said “I already forgave you the same night.”

This mistake has spawned a new friendship and better yet has taught a nation a lesson on forgiveness and integrity.

It’s not about the mistakes we make; it’s how we handle them that make us who we are. Thanks again, Steve Harvey, for teaching us all how to be human. You’ve certainly done it well.