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Candace Cameron Bure’s Dreamy Family Vacation in Italy: ‘Take Me Back’

Candace Cameron Bure, loved for her roles on "Full House" and "Fuller House," recently took to Instagram to reminisce about her family's dream summer vacation in Italy.

Chip and Joanna Gaines: 11 Godly Secrets to an Epic Marriage and Family

Chip and Joanna Gaines are teaching us important lessons about marriage and family as they walk away from their HGTV show for the sake of their family.

‘My abuser is here today’: Miss Kansas Uses Interview Portion of Pageant to Call Out Abuser Before Being Crowned

Miss Kansas 2024, Alexis Smith, has captured national attention not just for her beauty and charisma, but for her bravery in addressing a deeply personal and harrowing issue: domestic abuse.

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“Don’t Risk It” – Healthy 27-Year-Old Father of Three Dies of the Flu

His father describes Quenten's experience with plain old influenza as "unbelievable." Quenten, who had not had his flu shot this season, was soon put on a ventilator and into a medically-induced coma.

Pregnant Wife’s ER Visit for Husband With “Man Flu” Has the Internet CRY-Laughing!!

‘My husband is on the floor, eyes closed, moaning, ‘Syyydd. I can’t see.’ Is this a joke. He has a flu symptom that doesn’t even exist. Actually I can’t. I should leave. Where is this dude’s mom.’

“My Inconvenience Is Not Worth Another Child’s Life”: Mom Posts Urgent Warning That EVERY Parent Should Read

"I get it, it’s inconvenient, you need groceries it can’t wait, but... think of the parents who have posted stories of their kids who have died because they 'had' to finally leave the safe haven of their house."

“This Flu Is Serious Business,” Wife Warns After Husband Loses Legs & 9 Fingers to Septic Shock

"He had a 104.7 temperature right away. And then he had trouble breathing. We didn't wait, we went to the ER. It was that quick."

Dad Warns Parents After 7-Year-Old Is Sent Home With Sore Throat, Dies 2 Days Later

"I turned her over and she was blue. I went to see if her belly was moving, to see if she was breathing, and she wasn’t breathing. It was very, very scary. It was terrifying.”

Mom Pleads You to Look for These Flu Symptoms After Healthy 27-Year-Old Daughter Dies

"It’s the beginning of the worst nightmare that we’re not gonna wake up from."

“Get the Vaccine,” Health Professionals Urge Parents After 30 Children Die From Flu

"This is one of those flu seasons they're gonna be comparing other flu seasons to."