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Pennsylvania Parents Drown After Getting Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing with Their Six Children

A Pennsylvania couple's family vacation in Hutchinson Island, Florida, turned into a heartbreaking tragedy when the parents drowned after being caught in a rip current.

Stanford University Dean Says “Over Parenting” Is Ruining Your Kids

It's an epidemic that's influencing an entire generation of children.

Lilly King Gets Engaged Poolside After Qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

American swimmer Lilly King celebrated not just one, but two monumental achievements poolside Thursday night. After qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics, King was surprised with a romantic proposal from her boyfriend, James Wells.

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“Every Week, They Wanted Me to Abort. Did They Get a Prize for ‘Selling’ Me On An Abortion?”

"I was told that our baby boy had a 0% chance to survive. It seemed like they were handing out lollipops with abortions."

God Doesn’t Care What You Do

Had worldly fear distracted me from some calling He placed in my heart? Had I missed the mark of where He wanted to use me?

How Christian Women Can Enjoy Sex More

"No man really wants their wife to just be there, enduring sex because they must. Men want you to enjoy it too."

When God Hardens Your Husband’s Heart

As I stood scrubbing my bathroom, I felt the Lord impress strongly upon me, “I hardened his heart. I changed it.”

How Do You Give It to God?!

I think this was always one of those things in my Christian walk that kind of bothered me. Early on I asked more mature Christians the same question. Like, how? And most of the time I was told to just surrender.

Unreligious Man Dies & Meets God During Surgery, Asks Him “What’s the Meaning of Life?”

"I had never been what I would call 'religious.' I've always believed that there was a god and I believed that there was a Jesus, but I've had doubts. I've been a doubter, before."

“I Was Calling God a Liar”: Can You Love Jesus & Be Depressed?

"I remember the weight. Feeling the darkness drag me down to a place I thought even God couldn’t go. Where I was a nothing and nothing really mattered. Where loneliness devoured my insides but no human being could fill the void. In that moment, I knew only the darkness."

When God Doesn’t Heal You

"My hope is no longer in being healed. One day we will be given resurrected bodies that no longer need to battle. But until then, we fight."