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36 Christmas Verses to Inspire Your Holiday Season

The true spirit of Christmas is captured in the celebration of Jesus' birth. That's why we've compiled this list of Christmas verses from the Bible to inspire your holiday season. These Bible verses for Christmas can help you prepare your heart before the big day.

A Stanley Thermos Survived a Car Fire – The Company Responded by Replacing More than Just the Mug

Suffering a car fire is terrifying as well as devastating, but TikTok user Danielle's car fire also lit up TikTok in a viral way she was not expecting after her Stanley thermos survived the blaze.

36 Inspirational Steve Harvey Quotes to Encourage Your Heart Today

In addition to comedy, Steve Harvey has long been known for his inspirational speaking, which is rooted in his Christian faith. We’ve compiled some of the best inspirational Steve Harvey quotes and quips to encourage your heart today!

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Billy Graham Association: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

We encourage each family to develop their own approach to Halloween based on their own convictions and the options for celebration available to them.

Tearfully, Amy Beth Gardner Shares Her Kids Were Forced to Eat Halloween Candy Wrappers

"When the girls began to cry, the adult handed them the brown paper wrappers that had been holding the chocolate peanut butter cups and forced them to eat the empty wrappers — a cruel way to give the girls a literal taste of what they were missing out on that Halloween evening."

Nurses Dress Up NICU Preemies in Adorable Halloween Costumes to ‘Bring Joy Back’ to Their Parents’ Lives

"On a day-to-day basis, we're going over really serious, important issues with the families and it takes a toll on everybody. Being able to kind of step back from all of that and look at something that is just pure fun is a really wonderful opportunity."

The Dark Side of Chocolate: What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Kids’ Halloween Candy This Year

“They enjoy something I suffered to make... They are eating my flesh.”

Why Christians Should Celebrate Halloween

"Not only are Christians permitted to celebrate Halloween, I think it's imperative that we do..."

“My Neighbors Change These Skeletons Every Day for Halloween—And I Finally Need to Share Them. They Just Want People to See Something Joyful in...

I was very surprised to see the tweet I did of their movements blow up in the way it did. I only had about 170 friends on Twitter originally.

Irritated Dad Silences Co-Workers Laughing at “Retard” Costume With Picture of His Daughter

"I'm just wondering, Is she what a retard looks like, to you?"

Little Girl’s “Tired Mom” Halloween Costume Is Total Perfection

"My friend's daughter dressed up as a mom for Halloween. I'm dead. This is the best costume I've ever seen."