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Separated at Birth, Twins Who Reunited on Good Morning America Graduate as Valedictorians

Twin sisters Audrey and Gracie, separated at birth in China and adopted by different American families, reunited for the first time on "Good Morning America" in 2017. Now they're graduating high school.

Gone Without a Trace: Understanding Ghosting and Its Emotional Impact

Ghosting is the act of abruptly ending all communication with someone without any explanation, leaving the person on the receiving end feeling confused, hurt, and often questioning what went wrong.

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8 Lies Satan Whispers to You About Your Marriage

"I didn’t feel close to my husband, or perhaps I felt that we weren’t in love anymore- that all of my foundations were crumbling under my feet. I knew that I was in a delicate state emotionally and I knew that I was under attack. Satan sees Christians in their weak moments and pounces."

14 Things to Avoid So You Don’t Give the Devil a Foothold

"Satan will use these doors that you are opening to darkness to deceive you, oppress you, depress you, and actually cause you emotional and physical harm."

The Lies from Satan That Women Believe

"Even as these asinine thoughts ran rampant in my mind I knew they were ridiculous... This is crazy business! Yet there they were, lies straight from the pit of hell, trying their best to take root in my mind."

The 3 Biggest Lies Wives Believe

"You are going to fail your family, so try not to beat yourself up so much."

Stop Believing These 3 Big Lies About Sex

"We are bombarded with conflicting lies about sex. Don’t have sex; it’s bad! Have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want; it’s great! Living as if lies were truth hurt me, my marriage, and those I love. But once I began to embrace truth, I began to heal and reverse the effects of living the lies."