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Twins Found Floating Face Down in Backyard Pool. 6-Yr-Old Who Can’t Swim Dives in After Them in Bold Rescue.

“They were completely gone, there was no life left in them. They were blue. They were limp. There was no heartbeat. There was nothing."

12 Little-Known Facts About Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge’s Enduring Popularity

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has charmed the world with her grace, style, and unwavering commitment to her royal duties. Here, we look at what people have fallen in love with.

Teen Kicked Out of Christian School for Performing in Venues that Serve Alcohol

Bailey Griggs, a promising young singer-songwriter, from Cramerton Christian Academy in North Carolina was recently expelled from her senior year after the school learned that she was performing in venues that serve alcohol.


Nurses Dress Up NICU Preemies in Adorable Halloween Costumes to ‘Bring Joy Back’ to Their Parents’ Lives

"On a day-to-day basis, we're going over really serious, important issues with the families and it takes a toll on everybody. Being able to kind of step back from all of that and look at something that is just pure fun is a really wonderful opportunity."

The Heartbreaking Reason Why Moms Put Purple Butterfly Stickers by NICU Newborns

When you see this sticker on a newborn's incubator, there's something important you need to know...

God Lives in the NICU

"He will always be where he is needed. He will always be where he is welcomed."

Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and Wife Give God Glory for Bringing Newborn Daughter Home From NICU

Rich Wilkerson Jr. and his wife DawnCheré, the pastors of Vous Church in Miami, Florida, welcomed their third child to the world last week, daughter Waylon Wesley Wilkerson.

This NICU Nurse is Holding a Baby Gone Too Soon—And All Moms Need to Know Why

This NICU nurse's Facebook post gives us a glimpse into the hard, heartbreaking, rewarding work of caring for fragile babies every day.