WARNING: ESPN’s Pornographic Body Issue Is Just One Click Away from Your Kids


ESPN, the leader in sports news, has just released their 2018 Body Issue, and if parents everywhere aren’t outraged — they SHOULD be.

For starters, not one shred of clothing is used to cover any of the 16 athletes featured in the special issue, and there is no warning message or age limit on who can access it.

From featuring the likes of former football star Jerry Rice merely covering his genitalia with his leg as he goes for a pass, to WNBA player Breanna Stewart blocking her breast with her hand as she dribbles a ball, the Body Issue sends a LOUD message that normalizes soft core porn.

Saquon Barkley can be found with a football covering his package and Tori Bowie with a baton covering her chest, but what you WON’T find in this issue is one single thread — unless you count the laces on the skates of an otherwise nude Adam Rippon or the basketball net held by an equally naked Karl-Anthony Towns.

What does ESPN have to say about all of this?:

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“Ten years. Hundreds of thousands of images — and we’re just getting started. This year, 16 athletes joined the revered ranks of Body Issue stars, and there are, as always, too many awe-inspiring moments to count.”

REALLY? Now soft core porn is classified as “awe-inspiring.” I’m scared to see what 2019 holds.

In that vein, ESPN may be on track to become the next Playboy, under the guise of empowering athletes exploiting their bodies for a good shot.

If any of your children or teens follow ESPN to get the latest news on their favorite athletes, please be warned that the Body Issue is NOT safe for their eyes. Without a warning label, these images are just one click away.

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