“Wow, You Look Like You’ve Gained Some Weight!”: Woman Shuts Down Body-Shamers With the Power of Self-Love


“’Wow, you look like you’ve gained some weight!’ is a comment I hear often. The only thing I have ‘gained’ is a new version of me. ⁣

I was always the super skinny girl, ever since I was a little girl. I was 23, and still able to fit into most of the little girls section of clothing. I never thought much about my weight, until I started noticing as I got older, my clothes were getting tighter. ⁣

I searched on the internet for quick ways to lose weight, and how to get back to being the size I was my whole life. I even stopped eating as much as I should, in fear that I would gain more weight. ⁣

I always thought thin = happy. But I wasn’t happy in the photo on the left.

I barely ate, I was always tired, and I was slowly shrinking away. ⁣

Now, when I look at the girl in the right, she is happy. She may have some rolls, and some extra tummy, but she’s happy. ⁣

Those rolls represent me, not restricting myself from eating when I want. ⁣

The extra tummy represents me, not counting calories, or worried about how much I have already eaten that day. ⁣

If I could go back and tell that girl on the left, that it’s okay to gain weight, that it’s okay to have rolls, and loose skin, I would.⁣

My body has been through so much with me. ⁣

She is remarkable. ⁣
She is forever changing. ⁣
She deserves to be loved, in all forms.”

**This post was written by Caitlin Fladager and originally appeared on her Instagram page. See more from Caitlin here

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