The Amazing Moment a Mom Captures Her 2-Year-Old Boy as He Sees Himself in Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Character

'Encanto' character

You may have seen the story this week about the 2-year-old boy who saw an ‘Encanto’ Character and believed it was him, and the mother captured the moment. What’s so significant about this story is how it showed the impact of representation for children of color in TV and movies.

Kenzo Sees Himself in Antonio, the ‘Encanto’ Character

Kah Brand and her family were watching Disney‘s ‘Encanto’ this week together, when Kah was moved by something her 2-year-old boy, Kenzo, did.

As they watched, ‘Encanto’ character, Antonio came on the screen, and Kenzo noticed how Antonio looked just like him.


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The family was interviewed on Good Morning America, which aired on Friday, and the mom said, “I truly believe that he thought it was him.”

She went on to explain Kenzo’s reaction, “He kept staring at the screen and then looking back at us and smiling.”

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“He seemed to be in awe,” Kah also told Popsugar.

Katchingupwithkenzo on Instagram

In the moment, Kah captured Kenzo’s reaction and posted it to an Instagram account she has for the 2-year-old boy called Katchingupwithkenzo.

She posted, “Check Kenzo out in the new Disney Movie ‘Encanto’ lol #representationmatters #ThankYouDisney #Encanto.”

She received nearly 2,000 likes, and many positive reactions from family.

One commentor said, “Just saw this amazing heartwarming story on TV. Such an incredible moment. May he continue to see himself in all things good. #representation matters #blackboyjoy.”

Another commentor said, “Absolutely beautiful and heartwarming. Loved seeing your story.”

Kenzo’s dad also had something to say about the experience…

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