20 Inspiring Photos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

With all of the negativity going on in the world, sometimes all it takes are some inspiring photos to remind us that there are still good people out there. Every photo has a story, and at the end of the day, what they say is true: Even the smallest act of kindness holds enough power to change a person’s life.

Here are 20 Inspiring Photos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity today.

1. This teen who found a wallet on the bus and returned it to the girl who lost it—cash inside and all.

After leaving her wallet on the bus, she was sure she’d never see it again. Then this fine young fellow rang her doorbell and shocked the entire family.

2. This random act of kindness that blessed a family with $100 in their Redbox DVD rental. 

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inspiring photos

This family thought they were renting a movie. Instead, they were being blessed beyond measure.

3. This cop who was LITERALLY the hands and feet of Jesus to a homeless man sleeping in the back of a church. 

inspiring photos

A stranger tells the heartwarming tale of the time he had the privilege of watching a cop LITERALLY being the hands and feet of Jesus to a homeless man in the back of the church.

4. This young couple who trusted a homeless peer and found a new friend while helping him start a new life.

inspiring photos

After a night out on the town, these two trustingly brought home a homeless peer. The rest is now history.

5. These two dudes who got texted about the birth of a baby by mistake, and showed up at the hospital with gifts anyway. 

inspiring photos

Someone texted the wrong phone numbers about the birth of the baby. But that didn’t keep these strangers from showing up to celebrate with the happy new parents!

6. This high school quarterback who kept his 4th-grade promise to a classmate with Down syndrome and took her to prom. 

inspiring photos

In 4th grade, he told her he’d take her to prom. Eleven years later he did just that!

7. These state troopers who babysat a barista’s baby so she could work her shift at Starbucks.

inspiring photos

Her babysitter canceled and she couldn’t miss her shift. So these cops stepped in and gave up their coffee break to lend a helping hand!

8. This man who donated part of his liver to a dying mother he had never met. 

inspiring photos

Of all the people in the world and across Facebook who saw this husband’s plea, it was a sweet stranger that offered up his own organs.

9. This Starbucks barista who had no idea she was LITERALLY saving someone’s life. 

inspiring photos

She was thinking about taking her life until God used the Starbucks Barista to send her some much-needed love.

10. This bus driver who used his own money and manpower to build a wheelchair ramp for one of his elementary school students.

inspiring photos

He watched every day as the family struggled to get their daughter to the bus. So he decided to do something about it.

11. This café owner who gave a homeless felon a job when no one else would. 

inspiring photos

He told her no one would hire him because he was a felon. Two weeks later he’s cleaning dishes in the back of her café.

12. This single mom who spent her scratch-off winnings helping a homeless man start over.

inspiring photos

She had won some cash on a scratch-off lottery ticket and wanted to surprise her kids with some new toys. But this single-mom wound up doing something even more rewarding!

13. This man who spoke up for the girl being bullied. 

inspiring photos

This jaw-dropping social experiment led one big burly man to defend a helpless little girl being bullied by her peers.

14. This Baltimore teen who was seen praying over a sleeping homeless man as he passed by.

inspiring photos

This BREATHTAKING photo is definitely worth a thousand words.

15. This man who bought a stillborn’s crib at a garage sale and transformed it into this mother’s most treasured possession. 

inspiring photos

She hadn’t wanted to sell his crib, but when an older man asked to buy it from her garage sale, she gave it to him for $2. He returned a week later with the most beautiful gift this grieving mama has ever received.

16. This man who returned a $676 cashier’s check to its rightful owner. 

inspiring photos

The cashier’s check would have been quite the help to the stranger who found it. But rather than capitalizing on someone else’s loss, he hunted down the owner, and in turn was greatly rewarded.

17. These four brothers who mowed their elderly neighbor’s lawn for free after learning she had a warrant out for her arrest because she couldn’t cut the grass. 

inspiring photos

She had a warrant out for her arrest because the grass in her yard had gotten too long and she was unable to cut it herself. So, these four young brothers spent their summer break serving their elderly neighbor.

18. These garbage men who made friends with three little girls in the window then picked up their trash for free after learning one of them had cancer. 

inspiring photos

They saw the three sisters in the window every single week. But one day the family left a note saying that one sister was sick and would not be able to wave for a while. They responded in the most beautiful way!

19. This “Grandma” who texted the wrong teen about Thanksgiving dinner, and invited him anyway. 

inspiring photos

Not only did he get to have a plate at the family table, but the internet-famous duo made it happen again in 2017!

20. These high school students who raised $14,000 for their 80-year-old substitute teacher so his wife could have cataract surgery.

inspiring photos

They thought he was surely too old to still be working. When they learned the real reason why he was substitute teaching, these high school seniors surprised him with the most incredible gift!

A small act of kindness can go a long way! Don’t let today go by without doing something for someone else. After all, we are here to live in community and love others the way God loves us.

inspiring photos

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