WATCH: 4-Year-Old Sings “Remember Me” from Coco to Little Sister Who Died

If you’ve ever seen Pixar’s Coco, you know that Miguel serenading Mama Coco with “Remember Me” is just about the sweetest thing the animated world has seen this century.

“When I saw this scene and the lullaby scene I was trying so hard not to ugly cry, like with the gasping for air and everything,” wrote one YouTube user. “I was trying so hard that I was shaking.”

Well, 4-year-old Alexander Deais just brought that sentiment flooding back in the most endearing way by singing the favorite tune to his baby sister Ava, who passed away.

“My son singing ‘Remember Me’ from the movie ‘Coco’ to his baby sister, Ava, who we lost this past May,” his father, Samir Deais, wrote on Twitter. “He’s only 4 years old and he understands. He didn’t even know he was being recorded. He just wanted to sing to her for her 1st birthday! Happy Birthday mamas, we miss you!”

The family lost their daughter Ava Lynn in May, who suffered from a kidney and bladder disease known as hydronephrosis.

In an interview with KSAT, Samir said, “Her body just couldn’t handle anymore.”

“(Alexander) understands that she has passed and is in heaven, he has seemed to grasp onto the reality of it in a very sweet and innocent way a 4-year-old should when it comes to passing away,” he added. “And we have Coco to thank for that.”

Though the Deais’ are devastated by their daughter’s death, they remain thankful for the time they had with her and are hopeful for the future.

“From the year we’ve had it’d be very easy to not be thankful and hold resentment,” wrote Samir in a bittersweet message on Instagram. “But my family and I see life in a different light. I appreciate the short time I had with my daughter Ava Lynn, no matter how brief. Every moment was magic. I appreciate my hardworking, loving, and caring wife. She’s understanding, will have my back 11/10 times over and over again, she’ll be happy for me, sad for me, and always will love for me. My son Alex, who though I’ve only known for two years, I see myself in you. And I can’t wait to see what a wonderful man you become.”


Watch the heartbreakingly-beautiful clip of Alex singing to his baby sister in heaven below:

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