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Why We Stopped Going House to House for the Holidays

We hit a breaking point. We were so tired of rushing from house to house; we had truly begun to dread holidays. It was time to make a change for our family.

WATCH: Hobby Lobby Lights Up Mom Hearts With Viral Christmas Ad

Has Hobby Lobby entered the world of emotionally persuasive holiday short-form cinema? It would certainly seem so! And their Christmas ad effort is 100% geared toward what is undoubtedly their most loyal customer: busy (exhausted, out-of-time) moms.

“This Christmas I Want Food”: What These Foster Kids Want For Christmas Is Heartbreaking

None of them asked for this year’s hottest toy, or another video game to add to their collection. No, the children who filled out these tags listed their “innermost dreams”—things that should be part of everyone’s childhood.

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3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church

What is it that sets apart the kids who stay in the church? This does--and it's a must read.

She Asked a Simple Question, but Apollos Hester Gave Her Something She NEVER Expected

Apollos Hester's post-game interview is pretty much like going to church.

Take 2 Minutes and Experience Autism Through Carly’s Eyes—It’s Breathtaking

This is breathtaking. See inside the mind of someone with autism, and you’ll never look at people with this condition the same way again.

Father Son Bible Study Overshadows This Dad’s Parenting Mistakes

I don’t do a lot of things right in this parenting game, but I’m hoping this one little commitment overshadows a lot of parenting mistakes and miscues I'll find out about when our kids are grown.

Happy Birthday Son. 17 Things I Want My Son To Know On His 17th Birthday

"Never take anything for granted. Be grateful and tell your loved ones you love them -- every chance you get."

5 World Truths Our Kids Need to Hear Today

This world is not the end and I want my kids to know that life is temporary. Eternity is forever.

10 Christian Stereotypes the World Believes

The way the world sees Christian stereotypes is perpetuated by pop culture, old traditions and even social media. If I mention Ned Flanders, you know what I mean.

11 Inspirational Quotes That Will Make You a Better Human

These words could breathe new life into your day. Read them. Let them sink in. Pass them on.