Top 10 Cringey Christian Music Videos

bad christian music videos

Some of these Christian music videos are unusual, some hysterical, and others will have you scratching your head in disbelief.

Top 10 Cringey Christian Music Videos

1. Mighty to Save

It’s not the song so much…


2. It’s Sunday, Sunday…

It’s like, two days after Friday. OK, really, our hats off to her for pulling this one off.


3. Thrift Shop Remix

Only got 20 minutes ’til the service…


4. Two Words: Special Music

He’s kind of a big deal…

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5. Pastor Rap Gone Terribly Wrong

Um, this was supposed to be a youth outreach. How was this ever made? PLEASE! Tell me.


6. The Renewed Mind Is the Key

We suggest you wait for the breakdance at the 2-minute mark. It’s arguably the best moment in this entire post.


7. Jesus Is My Friend

Before you hit “play” we should warn you. It’s impossible to watch this and not hum it all day. For that, we apologize. Well, kinda.


8. With Arms Wide Open

This is the kinda stuff that makes the Internet smile. We love Greg Mead. Make sure and stick around for the air-guitar-goose-chase at 2:37. Just please.


9. Crank Dat Holy Ghost

Imma say it, oooooooh, doooooo.


10. Baby Got Book

A campy classic. It’s so bad it has to be good.



*BONUS: Give Me That Christian Side-Hug

“Buying babies like Angelina Jolie?” Oh my.

There’s no doubt these bad Christian music videos are Internet gold. It’s impossible to watch these without cracking a smile. I’m 99.9% sure of it.

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