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Carrie Underwood Unveiled: The Power of Christian Faith in Her Chart-Topping Hits

Explore the journey of Carrie Underwood as a Christian artist, blending her deep faith with her musical talent to inspire a generation. Discover how her songs of faith, hope, and love transcend boundaries, making her a beacon of Christian artistry in contemporary music.

From the Heartland to Hollywood: The Roots of America’s Favorite Christian Comedians

Discover the diverse origins of beloved Christian comedians like Chonda Pierce, Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., and others. Explore how their hometowns from the Midwest to the South have shaped their unique comedic voices, offering humor that resonates with family values and faith.

Embracing Your Identity: Thriving as a Daughter of the King Amidst the Chaos of Modern Life

Discover how to thrive in modern life by embracing your identity as a Daughter of the King. Find strength, purpose, and peace amidst the chaos with timeless wisdom and practical insights.

Christine Yount Jones

Christine Yount Jones is Content Director for Outreach Media Group. She has published several books and hundreds of articles about ministry in the last three decades. Before his death in 2003, Michael Yount and Christine had three children. Now, she and her husband, Ray Jones, together have five grown kids.

Top Military Chaplain Facing Disciplinary Measures Over John Piper’s Book … Piper Responds to Complaints

Camp Humphreys garrison chaplain Col. Moon H. Kim is the target of a complaint letter regarding his recommendation of John Piper’s free online book: “Coronavirus and Christ."

Vice President Pence Asks Americans to Pray that God Will ‘Heal This Land’

Vice President Mike Pence’s comments on the National Day of Prayer reveal his deep faith in prayer that’s rooted in Scripture.

Not All Christians Believe Bill Gates Is the Anti-Christ (and Other End-Time Theories)

Christians in every generation have tried to connect the cryptic images of Revelation with people and events.

Christian Rapper Lecrae Honors Terminally Ill Ravi Zacharias: ‘I’m Glad He Was Here During My Lifetime’

Lecrae said as a former atheist and skeptic and now a believer, he would watch Ravi videos because he wanted his peers in the culture who didn’t believe to have answers to "hard questions."

Stop Blaming God for the Coronavirus

Why does God allow the coronavirus to exist, to spread, to kill? Fundamentally, there is a truth that lies at the root of the answer to that question: Our relationship with nature is broken.

We Will Never Be the Same After Covid-19

We will be awakened as a society and individuals. We will grow. We will learn. We will connect. We will never be the same.

From Italy to Covid-19 Quarantine: One Woman’s Startling U.S. Customs Experience

Our government is scrambling to catch up, but they will never be as effective as each of us who willingly protects our own borders.

Christian Film “I Still Believe” Ranks as #1 Romantic Movie for 2020

“I Still Believe” features then-20-year-old Jeremy Camp (played by KJ Apa) who navigates his own personal story of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope.