Watch as Users of the Be My Eyes App Selflessly Help Strangers All Over the World

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Be My Eyes App Experiences

I’ve compiled several videos here to show a variety of the ways people are helping one another through this amazing app, and possibly to inspire you to do good in our world today.

Tiktok users kayyfitz helped someone to find his or her choice drink at a store:

@kayyfitz Great App to get and share💞 #bemyeyes #SummerLooks #fyp ♬ original sound – KayMoney

Visually impaired user, through.kylies.eyes created a video to help others to understand how to use the Be My Eyes app:

@through.kylies.eyes Today I show you guys how I use technology to be more independent with the app called Be My Eyes . #fyp #independent #technology #womenempowerment #bemyeyes #bemyeyesapp #iphone #blind #blindlearning #empowerment #icandoanything #icandoanythingyoucando #milk ♬ original sound – through Kylie’s eyes

Moved by what the app can do, Tiktok users, the universeisiwthinyou posted about a Be My Eyes user getting help to find some almond milk in the store:

@theuniverseiswithinyou #bemyeyes ♬ Fallen down – Slowed – 「Incørrect」

Check out this new user testing out the app to find his Degree deodorant:

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@aj.varonos There is some quality people on the phones.#fyp #notblindbutgrateful ♬ original sound – Aj Varonos

Another user, testing the app demonstrates how a volunteer could help a blind user to find the play button on a new remote control:

@jadooofsky I feel so bad she was so nice. Pretending to be blind on the app be my eyes. Please go support the cause! #bemyeyes #zyxbca #fyp ♬ original sound – Jadooofsy

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