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I Slept With My Mother When I Was 16—& I Have Good Reason for Letting My Kids Do the Same

"I’m sure it was the first time we had touched in months, maybe years. Sometimes I think that hand saved my life."

Married 69 Years, Hospitalized Couple Holds Hands Til the Very End

Tommy and Virginia Stevens, both 91, were, in the eyes of their family and friends, a legendary couple. The Tennessee high school sweethearts proved earlier this month that their love truly endured until "death do us part."

Jill Duggar Says Dad Pitted Siblings Against One Another, Used Kids to Manipulate and Intimidate Her

I am currently reading Jill Duggar Dillard's memoir Counting the Cost about her life growing up in the 19 Kids and Counting Duggar family, and it is both riveting and heartbreaking.


Pregnant Wife’s ER Visit for Husband With “Man Flu” Has the Internet CRY-Laughing!!

‘My husband is on the floor, eyes closed, moaning, ‘Syyydd. I can’t see.’ Is this a joke. He has a flu symptom that doesn’t even exist. Actually I can’t. I should leave. Where is this dude’s mom.’

Girl Dancing in the Middle of Church Choir Proves “AIN’T Nothin’ Gonna Steal” Her Joy!

With Jesus in her heart and joy that can't be stolen, Loren's incredible performance is pretty much the only thing you need to see today!

WATCH: Baby’s Epic Baptism Disaster Is a Viral Sensation

A baby's baptism is making quite the "splash" on TikTok this week after a swift hit of the prayer book took things in a completely different direction.

Mom Calls Teen to Pick Up 3-Yr-Old at Daycare in Emergency—When She Sees Her Snapchat, It Goes Viral

“I thought she took him home... Until I saw her Snapchat."

Tim Hawkins’ Love Song to His Wife of 20 Years Is the Valentine’s Gift Every Woman Wants

Let's just say Tim Hawkins knows EXACTLY how to light the fire in his romance...

Babysitter Says Kids Are “Awful” & She’s Charging Double—Mom’s Response Has Internet Roaring in Laughter

“She told me she never wanted to sit for us again and she was going to charge us double because they were so terrible."

Boyfriend Secretly Proposes on Camera for a Month in Hilariously Epic Viral Photo Shoot

"It hit me! All these missed opportunities mixed in with the thought - Cally doesn’t know I have the ring! I should just start documenting these moments!"

“My Neighbors Change These Skeletons Every Day for Halloween—And I Finally Need to Share Them. They Just Want People to See Something Joyful in...

I was very surprised to see the tweet I did of their movements blow up in the way it did. I only had about 170 friends on Twitter originally.

Hysterical Parody of Moms Who Gave in & Got a Minivan Is Total Parenting GOLD

The Internet is cry-laughing over this all-too-relatable minivan parody: "Never Thought I'd Do It."

10 Before & After Images That Capture the Struggles of Parenting in the Summer

Why is parenting at the end of summer soooo hard?