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I Slept With My Mother When I Was 16—& I Have Good Reason for Letting My Kids Do the Same

"I’m sure it was the first time we had touched in months, maybe years. Sometimes I think that hand saved my life."

Married 69 Years, Hospitalized Couple Holds Hands Til the Very End

Tommy and Virginia Stevens, both 91, were, in the eyes of their family and friends, a legendary couple. The Tennessee high school sweethearts proved earlier this month that their love truly endured until "death do us part."

Jill Duggar Says Dad Pitted Siblings Against One Another, Used Kids to Manipulate and Intimidate Her

I am currently reading Jill Duggar Dillard's memoir Counting the Cost about her life growing up in the 19 Kids and Counting Duggar family, and it is both riveting and heartbreaking.


Pregnant Wife’s ER Visit for Husband With “Man Flu” Has the Internet CRY-Laughing!!

‘My husband is on the floor, eyes closed, moaning, ‘Syyydd. I can’t see.’ Is this a joke. He has a flu symptom that doesn’t even exist. Actually I can’t. I should leave. Where is this dude’s mom.’

Girl Dancing in the Middle of Church Choir Proves “AIN’T Nothin’ Gonna Steal” Her Joy!

With Jesus in her heart and joy that can't be stolen, Loren's incredible performance is pretty much the only thing you need to see today!

WATCH: Baby’s Epic Baptism Disaster Is a Viral Sensation

A baby's baptism is making quite the "splash" on TikTok this week after a swift hit of the prayer book took things in a completely different direction.

To the Lady at ALDI Who Said I Had a Fake Baby

I am the mom of 2 healthy, beautiful girls, Rosalia, age 3, and Eliana, who is 2 months old. Both of my successful pregnancies...

“It’s Like the Mullet of Swimwear”: Mom’s Hilarious Bikini Blunder Has the Internet Roaring in Laughter

"Wearing this style bottom is like encasing half a sausage and then just giving up, letting the other half flop around into whatever shape it feels like depending on which direction the wind is blowing and how much gluten I had for dinner last night."

Boss Accidentally Turns Herself into a Potato for Video Meeting & Can’t Figure Out How to Change It Back

"I was so confused as to why I was a potato. Of all the things I could be, why a potato?"

“Dad It’s Weird, I Think I Pooped My Pants. Minutes Later, It Hits Me. That’s Not Poop!”: Dad Turns into the ‘Period Fairy’ After...

"I’m racing to the school while calling them telling the nurse to 'go find my child!' Speeding and having a panic attack because my child called me for help and I just left her to die on the battlefield!"

1st Grader Picks Out Green Dress for Picture Day—The Results Leave Mom Cry-Laughing

“This is the story of a little girl’s love of a green dress, a mother who tries to instill independence, and how those two things came together in the most epic and brilliant combination possible."

“It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Chick-fil-A Serves Me a Restraining Order”: Mom Hilariously Relives Son’s ‘Diarrhea Debacle’ at Chick-fil-A

"Tears-pouring-down-my-face, couldn't-talk-couldn't-breathe kind of laughing. Screaming laughing. So hard that I was sobbing because I couldn't get it together."

Hysterical ‘Mom Hack’ Is What EVERY New Mama Needs in Her Hospital Bag

"Mom hack level 1,000. Don't forget one of these in your hospital bag."

“What Do You Mean You Just SHUT OFF YOUR BRAIN?” Wife Hilariously Nails Men Vs. Women Trying to Fall Asleep

Me: "Hey, how do you fall asleep so quickly at night?"...Hubby: "I don’t know. I just shut off my brain and then I’m asleep."