Chili’s Server Fixes a ‘Broken Cheeseburger’ for a Girl With Autism

chilis autism cheeseburger

With nearly 1 million likes and more than 45,000 comments, the public is embracing all aspects of this story. Here’s what a few Chili’s fans had to say:

Glenis Marlowe Gambrell posted, “Beautiful story! There are some wonderful people in this world and some just happened to working together that day. We need more people that care and try to understand.”

Rosemarie Gallagher Oswald also posted, “It is so TRUE…that 1 thing can change the direction of a WHOLE day…”FRIENDS” of SPECIAL NEED CHILDREN are just as SPECIAL for understanding and making things RIGHT !!”

And, Tiffany Howard-Webb posted, “As a mother to an Autistic Son..I thank the Staff at chili’s for being so considerate of her feelings and not treating her like a nuisance 💚💙💛💜

Cathy Ptaszynski shared, “Nice story but as a server I must say you yourself was very nice. A lot of customers would have demanded a free cheeseburger immediately & then they would demand we comp everyone’s meals at the table. Thanks to you for realizing it wasn’t anyone’s fault & could be corrected. ❤❤😁”

Whether fixing a “broken cheeseburger,” looking passersby in the eyes with a smile, or finding unique ways to meet a need, we can all share the love of Jesus with someone else today. The world is clearly hungry for more of His love and kindness.

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