WATCH: Color-blind Dad Sees Color for the First Time at 66 Years Old


In hearing his compelling words, and thinking about the parallels between childlike faith, and the childlike joy that beams from William in the video of him receiving his Enchroma glasses, I can’t help but to be inspired in my own faith journey.

William’s reaction is nothing short of goosebump-worthy. But so is the love of Jesus Christ. Imagine how different our world would be if we all took things to Jesus the way William looked through those glasses—with joy, expectancy, gratitude and praise that physically radiates out of our bodies.

Joel’s words, William’s joy, it’s all an incredible recipe for sharing the wonders of the Lord with others, and being encouraged in our walk with Christ.

May they inspire you to seek and appreciate the wonder in the world today.

Check out the acoustic performance of “Wonder” and Joel’s powerful message below:

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Bri Lamm
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