WATCH: Depressed Security Guard Says Mark Wahlberg Changed His Life in a 2-Minute Conversation

mark wahlberg and jamie humphrey

“I started speaking to him, and he asked me what I wanted to do,” Humphrey explained. “He’s a friendly guy, and I said, ‘I want to be an actor,’ so he said ‘Well, what are you doing standing here?'”

Those seven words, “Well, what are you doing standing here?” propelled the depressed security guard to take some action to improve his life.

He said after speaking to Wahlberg, “I put an ad out on Facebook explaining about my mental health, my ADHD and explained I wanted to be an actor.”

That’s how Mark Wahlberg changed his life.

According to Humphrey, a Bengali film maker contacted him, offering him a job on his set. At first, he thought the message was a scam; so he had his dad take a look.

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“My dad told me to take it,” Humphrey said.

And Kevin paid for his ticket, saying, “You need to change your life around.”

The depressed security guard listened to his dad, and things progressed from there.

“I ended up going, jumping on set, not knowing what to expect as the film was in a different language,” said, Humphrey. “But before I know it, I’m being directed and told I have a speaking role.”

Apparently, the director liked Humphrey’s acting because after that film was over, he was asked to meet with the director.

Recalling the progression, Humphrey said, “I was offered a main role, playing Richard, in a Nazi film called Swastik Sanket, which is a number one hit in Tollywood, from there my roles have just continued.”

Now, Humphrey has several jobs on the books for this year and next, including works not made by Bengali films, such as Simon, which he’ll be working on this year, and Victor and Gangs of London, which will be released this year. We also know Humphrey has been on a set for a new Marvel series, but more information about that series is yet to be announced as of the writing of this blog.

“I’m an extra in a new Marvel series that fans may know about if they keep up with the franchise.”

Further discussing the Marvel series, he said, “I can’t say too much though, Marvel are big with their Non-Disclosure Agreements. I can say however that I am also filming Legacy with Joe Egan, who starred in Sherlock Holmes, so that will be good.”

According to Humphrey, he’s starstruck working on this set, as he works with Samuel L Jackson. “I have spoken to him on set and a couple of the other A-listers, I try and be professional though, obviously not asking for selfies and things.”

Today, Humphrey’s friends call him “Mr. Hollywood” because of where he is today. He’s even been to red carpet events.

“At the National Social Media Awards, I got a phone call asking if I could present an award?” Humphrey explained. “I was like ‘hang on a minute, I’ve got nothing to say, what do you want me to do?’ but I just got up on stage and presented.”

While Wahlberg may be his inspiration, we think it’s not exactly accurate to say Mark Wahlberg changed his life because depressed security guard is the one who did all the work once encouraged by Wahlberg!

Humphrey is up for an award on October 6th as the up-and-coming actor on Social Media.

Looking back at how far he’s come, he shared, “It is just incredible because obviously I went from depression and losing everything.”

Humphrey now has his kids on set with him, and although he’s lost his dad, he says, “His death is pushing me to take on as much work as I can, but I make sure he still comes with me to my awards and things.”

Think Humphrey is only an actor, though?

Think again! Here’s a video of him singing “Sweet Child of Mine.”

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