Top 10 Cringey Christian Music Videos

christian music videos

3. Thrift Shop Remix

Only got 20 minutes ’til the service…

And, here’s what some viewers had to say:

“My 14 yr old daughter just showed me this. Incredible and absolutely wonderful! I wish you guys were near here. My daughter expressed that she wishes you guys were her Youth Pastors…so do I! Well done, young Christians! You will surely bring many to The Love of Christ!”

“This is such an awesome way to engage the cultural! Keep it up guys and stay motivated! I’ll be pray for you guys that your hearts stay focused and goals stay straight. Keep doing these remixes because they are pretty legit!”

“I love this so much, i have not seen anything like this, This is a great way to reach out to Christians and to non Christians I love it. Thank you for showing the light and turning the not so great song into clean awesome song. Please ignore the awful comments below and keep doing what you are doing, DONT GIVE UP! This is super cool and God was definitely working through you. Thank you so much guys i needed this.”

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4. Two Words: Special Music

He’s kind of a big deal…

Viewers spoke up in the comments.

“I grew up attending small Churches in the South, much like this one. While this guy is an exceptionally extreme example, it was pretty common for people with confidence extraordinarily disproportionate to their talents and abilities to do “specials” (solo performances) on Sundays. Brings back the memories.”
“Hey gang- just a little history. This song “Looking For A City” has been used by countless groups in gospel music to showcase their tenor singer or as a friendly competition between dueling tenors. The whole idea is for the band (or piano player) to keep raising the key after every chorus to show just how high the singer can go. Audiences love it, and singers.. not so much.
So, this keyboard player isn’t “out to get “James, that’s what he’s supposed to do.”

“I wish I had The bravery of this man, to just throw yourself out there into the wind with no concern of whether or not you’re ready for it.”


5. The Renewed Mind Is the Key

We suggest you wait for the breakdance at the 2-minute mark. It’s arguably the best moment in this entire post.


Here are a few comments from viewers:

“it’s crazy how on point all 3 of them are. dude is seriously good at dancing and it caught me off guard hahaha”

“When you get back from your 3-month tenure at a black church. #gotsoul”

“No matter what’s going on in my life, I can always watch imagining my three worst enemies doing this. And then all is well.”

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