Top 10 Cringey Christian Music Videos

christian music videos

8. Crank Dat Holy Ghost

Imma say it, oooooooh, doooooo.


Check out these comments from viewers:

“I whole heartedly believe that no matter what, we’re all going to enjoy Heaven. Yes, we will stand at the judgement seat but after that I believe it will be nothing because God will forgive us and we will be at peace and worship Him for eternity.”

“that’s the real crank dat dance. I pray ya’ll stay in the Holy spirit and keep Going Hard for the Lord. Amen!!!”

“Hahahaha 😂 I love the message, you guys make Jesus happy. But it’s just so cute and God loves this. Keep it up!”

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9. Baby Got Book

A campy classic. It’s so bad it has to be good.


And, viewers didn’t disappoint with their comments:

“This is the greatest parody song ever done! If you come from a Christian background and recognize every reference, it’s just mind blowing how well he nailed it. It’s hilarious every time I hear it.”

“I’m not Christian and I found this well done. It’s (intentionally) corny, well written, candid, and funny. Though I think some people take it a little too seriously.. On both sides.”


10. Give Me That Christian Side-Hug

“Buying babies like Angelina Jolie?” Oh my.


Viewers chimed in with comments:

“Man I love this song! Before I was always hugging my mom from the front but now that I have listened to this flawless inspiring song I can now say no to her and give her a Christian Sidehug to avoid her sexual urges and advances on me! #Christian Sidehug”

“I joked with my boyfriend about needing to “Christian side hug” a few weeks into our relationship and I had to tell him about the song since he didn’t get it. Six months later, I show him the song. He said he didn’t believe me that it really existed for all those months I kept referencing it.
I wouldn’t have believed me either, tbh.”


There’s no doubt these bad Christian music videos are Internet gold. It’s impossible to watch these without cracking a smile. I’m 99.9% sure of it.

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