Top 10 Cringey Christian Music Videos

christian music videos

6. Jesus Is My Friend

Before you hit “play” we should warn you. It’s impossible to watch this and not hum it all day. For that, we apologize. Well, kinda.


Just a couple of the 22,000 comments:

“They played this on the loudspeaker at Supernova International Ska Festival last month between acts, and people went nuts! Everyone was jamming out! Haha! It was AMAZING!!”

“This is pure art,,, the combination of the filthy bass line, live action Ned Flanders who thinks he’s joe strummer, the big guy in the back who is completely done, the lyrics…”


7. With Arms Wide Open

This is the kinda stuff that makes the Internet smile. We love Greg Mead. Make sure and stick around for the air-guitar-goose-chase at 2:37. Just please.

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The Internet sure has something to say about this video:

“This has to be satire, right? I mean, air guitar around 2:40? The deliberately strange pronunciations? The duck chasing?”

“I think the video is just what makes this bad. Like I think if this was just done in a digital band or something and it just showed them in front of their recording equipment it would be fine”

“I think that maybe in your head you THINK you sound like Scott Stapp. You do not sound like Scott Stapp. And your acting in this video is terrible. This is the worst thing I’ve heard all day. Seriously. Why? Why would you do that?”

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