Woman Uses 5 Totally Brilliant Tweets to Explain Rape to Men Who “Just Don’t Get It”


We don’t need a Harvey Weinstein Hollywood scandal to remind us that rape culture is alive and well in this country today. But the movie mogul with a history of sexual abuse and misconduct spanning more than three decades is creating a safe place for others to share their experiences and collectively take a stand against such disgusting behavior.

One woman who has not been one to hold back in this arena is Twitter user Nafisa Ahmed.

“I don’t get how rape is so hard to understand for some men,” she wrote in what became a series of Tweets about the topic. “But, if you put it like this, they get it.”

Nafsia then breaks it down for people everywhere who are somehow still struggling to understand, respect and abide by the laws of consent, in a way that even a five-year-old could comprehend.

Her depiction of rape is truly so simple, it’s disgusting that anything even remotely close to such behavior, still exists in our society.

What’s worse is that it happens more today than ever before. And still women and victims are shamed for what they wear, and what they’re “asking for” when they dress a certain way.

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No victim is at fault for another indecent human being, forcing themselves in a lude or sexually abusive manner.

Thankfully, there are men and women out there brave enough to share their experiences and join others like Nafisa in the fight to make clear to everyone what consent truly looks like. Be a voice in your circle of influence by sharing her eye-opening illustration with your friends today.

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