“This woman took me in at 8 months old and raised me. Helping take care of her as she battled Alzheimer’s will always be the highlight of my life.”

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Tiktok user, Turkedwards posted a video that went viral…and for good reason. This foster son cares for his mother with Alzheimer’s. Set to the tune of Max Richter’s song, Departure, Turkedwards captioned the video, “Love is patient, love is kind, love is in this video you will find.”

Turkedwards, a Foster Son Cares for His Mother With Alzheimer’s

Turkedwards has more than 128,000 followers on Tiktok, which is quite possibly due to his moving videos of his foster mother. This foster son records videos of himself having conversations with his elderly mother with Alzheimer’s. In one video, he reminds his foster mother with Alzheimer’s that he is the baby she took in and cared for. Watch the video here:

@turkedwardsLove is patient, love is kind, love is in this video you will find ##alzheimers ##motherandson ##love ##fostercare♬ Departure (Reflection) – Max Richter


According to the Turkedwards Tiktok video, he cares for his mother with Alzheimer’s by reminder her every day of the difference she made in his life. He says that she was a foster mom and she kept him from having a rough life by raising him well. In this particular video, she is able to recall the information when he tells her, and she ask questions, such as how old he was when she took him in and where his birth mother, Brenda is. Although, she does not recall his birth mother’s name.

The relationship between this foster son and his mom demonstrates the positive impact the foster system can have on a child in need when done well. Turkedwards was eight months old with his foster mother with Alzheimer’s took him in, and at the time of the video he is in his mid-thirties. In the video, he says to his mother, “We’ve always been blessings to one another.”

She responds, “That’s the truth. I just forget, you know,” and then begins to cry. She tells him how glad she is that she got him.

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When asked “whose youngin” he is, he responds, “I’m yours.” In a different video, he tells her, “I’ve been yours for 35 years.”

This conversation apparently calls to mind for her his background to some degree because she mentions to him that he had a rough life. But he doesn’t agree. He says, “No I didn’t. I could have. You made sure I didn’t have a rough life.”

This grateful foster son has other videos of his conversations with his foster mother with Alzheimer’s. In one video, she asks him whether she had other children, and he names off four other children she had before him. According to Turkedwards, she had already raised the four children she had naturally when she took him in. He tells her she was 40 years old when she took him in at eight months old. Watch the video here:

@turkedwardsShe had the biggest heart! This ending tho… ##motherandson ##alzheimer ##adopted ##love ##fostercare ##alzheimers♬ original sound – Turk

Turkedwards and his mother talk about the other children, and she tells him he was a good boy. The most heartwarming part is when he says to her, “Have I told you today…” and this mother with Alzheimer’s knows where he is going with this, despite her memory loss.

She gets a big smile on her face and says, “that I love you.” It’s obvious that he tells her this often enough for her to have this love imprinted in her mind somewhere in there. Only, sometimes she forgets and it’s a surprise to her when he says that same old phrase again.

This foster son is so gentle with his mother, reminding her of where she lives, what her life was like, and who her family is. The two even joke around and have fun together on the videos. In one video he tries to get her to say that he’s her favorite child. In another, he playfully asks her who gives her facials and washes her hair. It’s obvious they have fun together.

This mother with Alzheimer’s made a world of difference to Turkedwards, now an adult man caring for this foster mom out of true love and appreciation. He tells her, “You took care of me and now I’ll take care of you.”

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