“I Wasn’t Breathing at All”—Mom Urges Parents to Teach Young Kids ‘Basic Life Skill’ After Close Call


Since sharing her experience, Lindsay has received a flood of responses from parents who were moved to take action in their own households—teaching kids how to call 911 from a phone, from Alexa, and from Siri.

“You have to get a little creative these days with locked phones,” Lindsay says, adding that kids need to know which neighbors to run to if they need help.

Many people responded saying that they haven’t taught their kids these preparedness tools out of fear of them ever having to use them.

“It’s not scary, it’s empowering, and it will keep your family safe,” she said. “You have this peace of mind knowing that you have help.”

In those terrifying moments when she couldn’t breathe and her 5-year-old was yelling, asking if she was okay, Lindsay said it’s knowing that her kids were prepared and not scared, that brought her peace.

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“Lord, at least when I pass out I will know that help is on the way for my kids,” she remembers thinking. “At least if I didn’t make it, someone would be there for my kids, they wouldn’t be alone for hours until their dad got home.”

Lindsay says ultimately, she’s thankful for Jesus and His protection, and she hopes sharing her story will lead to others equipping their kids with this basic life skill that has, and will continue to save lives.

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Smith

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