ISIS Assassin Charges at Christian With Knife—Then 7 Words Knock Him to the Ground


In America, it’s easy for us to forget what it really means to be persecuted for our faith—not just mocked or ridiculed, but threatened with death. In ISIS territory, followers of Jesus are forced to live this reality every single day. Still, thousands of radical conversions to Christianity continue to manifest in the Middle East in spite of the great risk.

“Jesus is appearing as a man in white,” says Bethel worship leader Sean Feucht. “In fact, our last few trips there, we don’t even do altar calls. I was there four times last year. We just say, ‘Hey, who’s seen a vision of a man in white?’ People just raise their hands.”

Feucht goes on to deliver the bone-chilling testimony of how an ISIS assassin was recently converted to Christianity, and it is living proof that nothing can contest with the mighty power of our God.

It all started when the Lord appeared to a Muslim man named Abraham in a refugee tent. He clearly spoke to the man saying, “You are going to be my evangelist. You are going to win millions of Muslims to Jesus.”

Shaken and spiritually awakened, Abraham left the camp with the bold mission to do just that, going anywhere and everywhere the Lord would send him. In fact, so many people were getting saved through his ministry that ISIS decided to put a hit out on his life, and they sent a Syrian assassin over to Iraq to kill Abraham.

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In his greatest moment of ministry, fear began to consumer Abraham as he wrestled with the threats against him.

But after another miracle encounter with God, he was assured that his life was in God’s hands, not man’s.

Shortly after, the black-robed ISIS assassin came charging toward’s Abraham’s house with a knife in hand. When Abraham heard his assailant’s screams, instead of fleeing, he came out to confront him face-to-face. While staring death in the face, Abraham shouted as loudly as he could: “Jesus is going to set you free!” 

It was in this earth-shattering moment that even an ISIS assassin could not resist the persevering love and irresistible grace of Jesus Christ.

Listen to the conclusion of this miraculous salvation story unfold in the video below:

ISIS Assassin Meets Jesus | Sean Feucht Testimony

ISIS Assassin Meets Jesus | Testimony from Sean Feucht.

From darkness to light, violence to kindness, hopelessness to HOPE. He doesn’t leave the one behind, and His heart is that ALL find Him.

We’re partnering with Sean and his ministry raising 100k to bring supplies to refugees in Northern Iraq this December. Learn more: bit.ly/PeaceOnEarth-FB


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