Little Girl Named Savannah Makes a 911 call to Save Her Dad’s Life

Savannah 911 call

A little girl named Savannah Hensley makes a 911 call and saves her dad’s life. Way to go, Savannah!

Savannah’s dad, Frank, began to have trouble breathing and pains in his chest. He immediately made a 911 call, but then was not able to speak due to his condition. At the time, his daughter, Savannah who was five years old at the time got on the call. Savannah followed the dispatcher’s instructions on the call, including actions, such as unlocking the door. All the while encouraging her dad with “Don’t worry, dad!” And telling the dispatcher, “You need to come real fast!” The dispatcher got the information he needed an ensured Savannah and her dad were safe, and then he encouraged Savannah to stay with her father and help, as needed. That’s where the sweetest part of the 911 call comes.

Savannah on the 911 Call

Savannah stayed on the 911 call for almost 10 minutes, and she responded to her father’s situation with courage. When the dispatcher told Savannah that the emergency crew was on the way, she told him, “We’re in our jammies…and I’m in a tank top. So…I’ll have to get dressed.” She told the dispatcher that she didn’t really know what she was going to wear and then told him she would be in her room changing. When the dispatcher encouraged her to stay with her father and make sure he stayed awake, she agreed. Next Savannah began to tell the dispatcher on the 911 call, “We have a dog…that’s really…um…small. He’s friendly.” She explained that he does bark a lot, and called her dog to join her at her dad’s side. Soon after, the emergency crew showed up. Listen to the call on the video below.


After Savannah’s 911 Call

After the 911 call was shared across social media, the public responded with love and amazement through encouraging comments and shares. Many people remarked how calm Savannah remained on the 911 call. Others remarked how heartwarming the interaction was. Overall, people really got a kick out of her concern for her outfit. Savannah’s mom appreciated all the love from fans of Savannah and the 911 call. She said, “We are so grateful & blessed that Savannah’s 911 call is still being circulated. It makes the whole entire night worth while.” This message from Savannah’s mom came in a Facebook post back in 2013, three years after the actual incident. She said, “The more awareness it brings & the more adults that teach children what to do the better!”

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What to Do on a 911 Call

Did the call with Savannah get you thinking? What should you do (and say) on a 911 call? Consider these nine tips:

  1. Try to remain calm. Take a deep breath when you’re asked “What is your emergency?” This will help both you and the dispatcher on the 911 call to interact efficiently.
  2. Cell phone or land line? Yes, we are in the age of the smartphone, but a 911 call from a cell phone may not tell the 911 dispatcher where you are. With land lines, however, the address associated with that number will show up on a dispatcher’s screen. (While 911 texting services have made headlines, they’re not yet available everywhere.)
  3. Know your location. If you do make a 911 call from a cell phone, this is crucial and important. The more accurate and detailed your location report is, the quicker dispatchers can get emergency crews to answer your call. Describing major cross streets and landmarks can help.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings. This is not only helpful in determining your location, but it’s crucial in helping you to describe other victims, the suspects, or other details about the scene.
  5. Don’t hang up. You may hear clicking, static, or pauses as the 911 call progresses, but this doesn’t mean your call has been dropped.
  6. Let the 911 dispatcher guide the conversation. They are trained in this process and know about pertinent details that are usually required on a 911 call, in the given situation.
  7. Be patient. The call may seem to take forever or seem like it’s being dragged out, but the dispatcher is most likely typing information into the system while simultaneously alerting services to your whereabouts.
  8. Follow all directions. Be sure to ask for clarification if you don’t understand, especially if the 911 dispatcher directs you to provide emergency aid.
  9. Don’t cry wolf. While you should feel free to call 911 in an emergency, too many 911 calls can get you arrested. If the situation does not require an immediate response by police, firefighters, or paramedics, consider calling a non-emergency number instead.
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