Lunch Lady Has No Clue What Her Students Really Think About Her—Then She Gets a Tap on the Shoulder

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As a cafeteria worker, it’s not uncommon for your seemingly mundane job to go underappreciated — especially in a high school where teens can be way “too cool for school”…and DEFINITELY the lunch lady.

But that is simply not the case at Bishop Manogue High School in Reno, Nevada, where the students adore “Lunch Lady Lynn” like she was their own mother. Boasting a beautiful attitude and the warmest of smiles amidst her own personal struggles, Lynn goes out of her way every day to make sure she is both a servant and a friend to the students she cooks for.

So when the “Dude Be Nice” project came to Bishop Manogue to ask the students who they would like to honor with a special surprise, the answer was a no-brainer.

“She doesn’t even really know how much we do care about her, so it’s important for her to know that what she does every day really makes a difference,” remarked one student of Lynn’s humble-servant spirit.

And the best part is, this sweet lunch lady was totally CLUELESS about what was going on right in front of her face until the celebratory reveal.

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“During the interview she’s like, I love this school. Like look at all these ‘Dude Be Nice’ signs, they’re doing something,” she naively remarked to one of the project coordinators — completely unaware that they were ALL for her.

Watch the beautiful surprise these teens cooked up for Lynn in the video below, and be sure to SHARE their inspiring act of lunch-lady appreciation with your friends on Facebook!

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