Japanese Man Pushes His Wife into the Sea, Says He Was “Tired of Taking Care of Her”

man pushes wife into sea to die

A Japanese man killed his wife recently when he became “tired of taking care of her.” Here is the story behind why the man pushes his wife into the sea.

Why a Man Pushes His Wife into the Sea

Eighty-one year old, Hiroshi Fujiwara of Oiso, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan was arrested by Japanese officials after his confession that he killed his wife by pushing her off a pier on November 2, 2022.

Reports seem to indicate that the action taken by the Japanese man could have been premeditated, rather than reactionary, as he drove her there from their apartment and walked her down the pier and toward a harbour wall. Then he pushed her into the sea.

Fujiwara said he became “tired of taking care” of his wife 79-year-old wife, Teruko Fujiwara, who was disabled. He may have been the woman’s only caregiver, as the couple lived alone in the seaside town about 35 miles to the south of Tokyo.

According to sources who know Hiroshi Fujiwara, his actions were surprising. A neighbor of the man and his wife described Hiroshi as “friendly and often gave a ride to his wife, who I understand was bed-ridden.”

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Regardless of how friendly or helpful he’d seemed to his wife, he reportedly became tired of the many years of care. Which apparently led to the man pushes his wife of 40 years into the sea.

Many news outlets picked up the story, such as The Jerusalem Post, who commented on it a couple days after the incident:

After the incident, the man went to his oldest son’s house and confessed.

The man’s son understandably notified authorities, and his father was arrested.

In a call he made at 7:00 a.m., the son said to authorities, “My father said he pushed my mother [into the sea].”

Shortly after, the body of the woman who was pushed into the sea was found by a fisherman in the area. Reports say the fisherman saw a body floating in the water and he called emergency personnel. Teruko’s body was removed from the water, but she was pronounced dead.

Speaking of the incident when the man pushes his wife into the sea, Hiroshi’s neighbors said, “He was devoted to his wife, and there was nothing to suggest [he could kill her], but I guess he was struggling inside.”

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