‘Marry the Man Who Will Set a Standard for a Spouse in Your Children’


So many women have a misconception of what a ‘knight in shining armor’ is really made of when in search of the perfect husband.

Of course, it’s easy to look to the superficial qualities first as the benchmarks for ‘boyfriend material.’ Washboard abs, a chiseled jawline, a high-profile job, and a bottomless bank account all may look like surefire indicators of long-term bliss. But when it comes to deciding on the man that you make that lifelong commitment to, Amber Crowe knows all too well that those shallow qualities come up short.

In a viral Facebook post, the wife and mother of two outlines the most important qualities in the man that is to be the father of your children, and it has women across the web cheering ‘AMEN.’

Read Amber Crowe’s insightful post in full below:

“Later in marriage when you hit parenthood, you’ll realize what you really wish for in your spouse is not big money or ‘six-pack’. A pretty face and a good bank account are nice to have but at the end of the day, there’s so much more you should be looking for.

At 3am when your child is crying, and your eyes are heavy and your body is weak from postpartum, it will not be how he looks or what he owns that will matter. It’ll be the compassion in his heart and the love for you in his soul that push him out of the bed to attend the child immediately and tell you,

‘Go back to sleep, love. I got this.’

If I could tell the younger people what to consider in a companion, I would say marry the man who will be the best father for your children. The man who will put you and your little family first, above all else. The man who is as responsible as you are in raising family because you both are in it together. In short, marry the person who will set a standard for a spouse in your children.

Because in all of these, whenever you watch your partner with your child, you’ll find yourself falling in love all over again.

Choose wisely, not only for you but also for your child.”

**This post originally appeared on Amber Crowe’s Facebook page
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