Megan Warfield, a Pregnant Firefighter, Survives Crash and Rescues Others

pregnant firefighter

“Wow… first off congratulations on the baby and secondly thank you for being a great person, I’m glad to know you’re in our community helping when people are in need.”

“A true hero, may God bless you and keep you safe. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Thank you to all of our First Responders for your dedication each and every day!”

“Megan deserves the BCFD equivalent of the Purple Heart 💜 medal. A true hero. All while being injured, scared, AND pregnant! My goodness- what an amazing HERO! WELL DONE!!!!!”

“Megan, thank you for your heroic service and congratulations on Baby Charlotte. You are a blessing to your community and are already an amazing mother and role model for your beautiful baby girl and all girls of all ages! God bless you both!”

“Thankfully Megan and her baby is doing good. Prayers to everyone involved. Megan and many like her proves there is still a lot of caring wonderful people still here. We don’t thank are first responders enough for always putting their lives on the line for everyone else. So thank you to all our first responders we truly do appreciate everyone of you. Congratulations to Megan and her family on their new baby.”

“Oh…….what a wonderful story in these most difficult times. Al and I are in Fort Myers, Florida. What a wonderful “pick me up” for us. Thank you for your service. You are an amazing woman!”

Warfield was completely down-to-earth as she recounted the accident, Someone asked how she was able to get on the ground while being very pregnant. “I don’t know how I did what I did because the cramping was so bad,” Warfield answered. “I must’ve just been running on adrenaline.”

‘Charlotte’s Station’ is a future project of the BQVFD

Named after firefighter Megan Warfield’s daughter, Charlotte, “Charlotte’s Station” is the name of a future child care center for the BQVFD. The fire department relies heavily on volunteers. And, they realize the more they care for the families of the volunteers, the more volunteers they’re able to retain.

“If our volunteers are making their family top priority, then our station will make their family our top priority as well. Imagine a children’s place within a fire station where a credentialed child care worker can supervise a volunteer’s children during training, drills, and duty hours. We could keep our volunteers in a position to continue to serve, long after they would have normally turned in their uniforms. This space could easily double as a public fire safety education program for our communities.”

The fire department set up a page dedicated to Charlotte’s Station—its plans and progress and ways to help make this dream a reality.

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