Viral Video Captures Captain’s Emotional Message of Passenger’s Victory Over Breast Cancer

breast cancer survivor plane to Hawaii

Looking for something to lift up your day? Watch this heartwarming pilot announcement made to a recent breast cancer survivor enroute to a vacation in Hawaii.

How the Pilot Announcement Came to Be

Former pilot, Jyrl Oldham received some terrible news in 2021. The now 33-year-old woman received a breast cancer diagnosis. To complicate matters, Jyrl was pregnant at that time, making treatment more complex and dangerous.

However, Jyrl was able to carry the baby to term, and she started treatment as soon as possible after that.

Valeri Jones, a friend of Jyrl’s who was on the plane during the famous pilot announcement explained the timeline saying, “[Jyrl] started treatments ASAP after her daughter was born in August 2021.”

However, it wasn’t an easy road for Jyrl. Jyrl’s friend, Jones explained, “After almost passing away during one of her treatments, she thought a vacation was necessary to prove to cancer it hadn’t won, and she still had the strength to go on with life!”

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Even though it was a long, hard road Jyrl had the support of her friends, and her loving husband, and she became cancer free by the next year.

“By March 2022, she was given the all clear but she had to have a double mastectomy and repair surgeries,” said a friend of Jyrl’s.

But that didn’t keep Jyrl down. Once everything was taken care of, Jyrl was ready for a new start.

Explaining the trip, Jyrl’s friend shared, “We took the very first flight we could after getting the go-ahead from the doctor in August.”

And that’s where the viral pilot announcement to this breast cancer survivor comes in…

The Message to a Breast Cancer Survivor

Jyrl planned to go to Hawaii with two friends, and her husband, Garrison, wanted to send her a surprise message.

Garrison got to work by emailing Southwest Airlines, explaining Jyrl’s story. In addition, he got a printed letter to a flight attendant who was able to pass it on to the pilot.

And it was during the traditional pilot announcement at the beginning of the flight that the breast cancer survivor got a heartwarming welcome from everyone on the plane.

Jyrl’s friend, @valeriwinnjones, posted the video for you to watch here:


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The pilot announcement started out, “I would like to add a special welcome to a special guest on today’s flight. We have a passenger who’s headed to Hawaii with us today to celebrate her victory over late-stage breast cancer.”

But passengers didn’t stop to hear the rest of the message. They immediately broke into cheers and clapping.

Continuing on, the pilot said, “She fought valiantly and is now cancer-free. Please join me in giving her, Jyrl Oldham, a round of applause.”

Since Jyrl’s friend was recording the whole thing on her phone, Jyrl is seen realizing the message is to her, and breaking down in tears when she hears the passengers’ encouraging responses.

But this message was especially meaningful to Jyrl, having been a pilot herself. Read on to find out why.

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