Police Warn Momo Has Resurfaced Yet Again in ‘Baby Shark’ Videos on YouTube


The ‘Momo Challenge’ made a media frenzy last month after parents across the world warned that the creepy character was been spliced into Fortnite, Peppa Pig, and YouTube Kids videos.

Momo first made headlines in 2018 when the spooky, doll-like figure with bulging eyes was said to pressure kids into committing suicide via WhatsApp.

After coming in contact with the figure — which is actually a Japanese sculpture — users reportedly received a series of instructions commanding them to carry out dangerous tasks.

Edinburgh mother Lyn Dixon shared her 8-year-old son’s frightening encounter with Momo after the character instructed him to take a knife to his neck.

“He showed me an image of the face on my phone and said that she had told him to go into the kitchen drawer and take out a knife and put it into his neck,” Dixon told the Daily Mail. “We’ve told him it’s a load of rubbish and there are bad people out there who do bad things but it’s frightening, really frightening.”

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“It’s a big fear, that we can’t always control what he’s exposed to on the Internet,” she continued. “You read these stories about children committing suicide and we all know how difficult life is now with the pressures on children. Social media is a massive part of that. It’s horrific and we’ve got no control over it. There are controls on the phone, but it doesn’t go to the degree I would like it to because it’s what you can’t see that’s the worry.”

The NSPCC and several other authorities have stated that Momo is a hoax and that there is no official evidence that anyone has committed suicide because of the widely publicized challenge.

However, Spanish police have claimed that the character has recently surfaced in Baby Shark videos, according to a report by The Sun on March 25, 2019.

Local media sources reported that one video shows Momo saying, “Hi, I am Momo. I want to play with you. Look for a knife in your kitchen and cut your little hands. If you do not do it, Momo will come after you.”

In spite of the new Baby Shark warnings, a separate police social media counterclaims that Momo is not real: “No, Momo does not exist, it is an old viral character that has resurfaced with some damaging modifications. We have to work together to not allow it to spread.”

NO, MOMO NO EXISTE, es un antiguo viral que resurge ahora con algunas modificaciones perjudiciales.

Los ciberagentes de…

Posted by Policía Nacional on Thursday, March 21, 2019

Authorities are investigating various videos under scrutiny while also urging parents and guardians to “supervise what videos their children watch online, especially the younger ones to prevent them from being exposed to toxic content.”

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