Traffic Officer Saves Human Trafficking Victim on Routine Traffic Stop


In Seattle, a 15-year-old girl was found to be a human trafficking victim who had been abducted from Oregon. They found this girl because the 26-year-old man trafficking her had been reported for a hit-and-run where he damaged a sign and a tree.

Just last month, Detroit, Michigan police officers rescued a human trafficking victim during a routine traffic stop. The officers had pulled over a black Dodge Charger because the driver was speeding in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The driver gave the officers a false name and identification. They discovered the 15-year-old girl with them was a missing runaway, and after separating her from the driver, they learned that she was a sex trafficking victim and was pregnant as a result.

And the stories go on. But interestingly, many of the links to these stories that have been shared on Facebook are marked as blocked content. Could this be tied to the accusations by whistleblower, Frances Haugen, who says Facebook has known that human trafficking victims are being exploited on their platform and they have profited from it? Check out the whistleblower’s testimony in the British Parliament in this video:

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