Elementary School Puts Boy in a Box as Punishment for More Than a Month

boy put in a box for punishment at school

How the Mom Found Out They Put Her Boy in a Box

According to Haller, her eight-year-old son’s grades were initially improving in the early days of his time at Alhambra Elementary School. She said she’d stayed in contact with the school, inquiring with the teachers about his behavior, and was told that her son was doing well.

Only, she saw a change in her son in the third month of his attendance at Alhambra Elementary School. She noticed her grades were beginning to drop, and his attitude about school was becoming very negative.

She told reporters that he told her, “I want to be at the school no more.”

That’s when she went to the school and found out about the harsh punishment, and began to question her son, learning more of the details about what he had been going through. When Haller asked the school to see the box, they brought her to the gym where they had taken the box apart.

“This is the BOX that was placed around my child for two months for talking in class! When I went to the school today the principal kept telling me it wasn’t a box or he wasn’t boxed in,” Haller had posted to Facebook with a photo she had taken in the gym of the box.

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“Once I finally got her to show me what people and my child were talking about this is what she showed me!” She went on in her post, “His desk was placed away from the kids and this boxed wall was placed around him for 8 hrs a day for the past two months! Most days without even a recess!”
Haller was clearly upset that the school put her boy in a box, especially considering the degree, type, duration of the punishment he was given without hearing from the school that he was misbehaving. She said, “He’s eight yrs old and in second grade! Has only attended this school for almost three months! He’s been in this box for two!

Haller said that other parents contacted the school district’s superintendent and notified the office about how they put a boy in a box as punishment, as well as other questionable techniques they had used.

The mother explained, “I asked the principal why wasn’t I ever notified and told about this. She wouldn’t give me a real answer!”

The school district said in a statement, “We are investigating every aspect of the concerns and will take the appropriate action once we conclude our investigation.”

In addition, the box was taken down, after the school district had been notified.

While Haller pursued legal action against the school, she could not take away this traumatic experience from her son, when they put the boy in a box as a punishment.


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