Steve Harvey Just Crowned the Wrong Miss Universe on Live TV—And He Handled It Like a CHAMP

Last night, the coveted Miss Universe title was down to two contestants: Miss Columbia & Miss Philippines.

And after much grueling anticipation, Steve Harvey boldly announces Miss Universe 2015: MISS COLOMBIA!!

The crowd goes wild, Miss Philippines accepts defeat with a smile, the crown gets laid upon this year’s proud queen, and all seems right with the universe…until Harvey gets back on the mic to announce a horrific mistake: Miss Colombia was actually first runner up, meaning Miss Philippines was the real winner of the night.

The overwhelming sense of shock and pure awkward was painted on every face in the room as the ladies faced the reality of the blunder and the crowd recovered from the unthinkable mishap.

Watch their reactions as the crown gets taken from Miss Colombia, and handed over to its rightful owner:

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Steve Harvey is without a doubt the most hated man in Colombia right now as Colombian citizens blast him over the web for his mistake.

BUT after all, that’s what it was: a mistake. And people make them—we all do, including the celebrities that our society holds on a pedestal. The most amazing part is the grace with which every person involved handled the situation.

Harvey has profusely apologized publicly multiple times, including these statements on Twitter:


He also personally apologized to Miss Philippines who took it like the crowned champ she is, as she laughed it off saying the way it all went down was “very 2015.”

And watch Miss Colombia’s gracious response to Harvey’s faux pas as she explains to her fans that “everything happens for a reason.”

Awww. So lookey there. Even after what many would consider the biggest blunder in live TV history, all IS still right with the universe. It’s pretty awesome to see a mistake magnified on an international platform handled with such poise, respect and grace.

Though we often hold the stereotypes in our heads of the cutthroat pageant princesses, there was no beauty queen throwdown here. Just a little love and a lotta forgiveness instead.

Talk about some ladies and gents with real class.  ♥

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