Steve Harvey Just Scared the Crap Out of Satan With 7 Minutes of God-Breathed Bible Truth #BOOM

Harvey took a few minutes after Family Feud to preach one of the most riveting sermons I’ve ever heard. And it’s all about, well jumping—even when you’re not ready, and when you’re most scared. Go for the cliff. Run. Jump. Now.

But why? Because God’s got you. And he’s got unique gifts for each of us to use—and they all require us to JUMP. And though your parachute might not open right away, His promise says that it will.

Eventually the parachute HAS to open. That is a promise of God,” Steve says with chilling authority. “That ain’t a theory. That’s a promise. His promises are true ‘cause listen to me, you can not name one single thing God hasn’t gotten you through. Name it,” he challenges the audience.

You just gotta see this for yourself…

After I tape an episode at Family Feud I spend a few more minutes with the audience. I talk about jumping.

Posted by Steve Harvey on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Steve even drops a little Proverbs 18:16 truth bomb for those who fear that they can’t utilize their gifts. “A man’s gift makes room for him,” he declares—not your education.

This guy has got Satan shaking in his boots with all this identity truth, and I am LOVIN’ it! The devil can go ahead and kiss his friends doubt and fear good-bye after this 7 minutes in heaven!

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