Steven Furtick Accused of Being a ‘False Teacher’ After Recent Facebook Post

Steven Furtick

“I pray so desperately she comes to know Christ and that He is true comfort,” Yarid said. “How evil is the one that comforts others in their sins! How wicked is the way that leads away from The Way, The Truth, and The Life!”

Yarid finished by saying, “Despite the confusion she now has about Jesus Christ because of Steven’s false teachings, I pray so dearly for this. My heart is breaking for the thousands upon thousands of souls being led astray to eternal damnation because they have not heard and believed the true gospel which saves. Jesus Christ came to redeem us from our sins. He still saves.”

Fellow SBC pastor Erik Reed of The Journey Church in Lebanon, Tennessee said, “The number of shares and likes is sadder than the false statement itself. This is why we need a recovery of biblical theology and discipleship. When you don’t have a solid foundation you get sucked into junk like this.”

Elevation Church averages just over 26,000 in-person attendees, and 65,000 online viewers a week.

Furtick’s entire sermon can be viewed here.

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