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Why We Stopped Going House to House for the Holidays

We hit a breaking point. We were so tired of rushing from house to house; we had truly begun to dread holidays. It was time to make a change for our family.

WATCH: Hobby Lobby Lights Up Mom Hearts With Viral Christmas Ad

Has Hobby Lobby entered the world of emotionally persuasive holiday short-form cinema? It would certainly seem so! And their Christmas ad effort is 100% geared toward what is undoubtedly their most loyal customer: busy (exhausted, out-of-time) moms.

“This Christmas I Want Food”: What These Foster Kids Want For Christmas Is Heartbreaking

None of them asked for this year’s hottest toy, or another video game to add to their collection. No, the children who filled out these tags listed their “innermost dreams”—things that should be part of everyone’s childhood.

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WATCH: Baby’s Epic Baptism Disaster Is a Viral Sensation

A baby's baptism is making quite the "splash" on TikTok this week after a swift hit of the prayer book took things in a completely different direction.

“I Am Looking at 3 Dead Babies. How Is This God’s Plan?”

"My parents were in there with us. My mom held me as I screamed my head off, crying my eyes out, and hyperventilating. Kenny was behind me and my dad was behind him holding him. We were all a complete wreck. I will never forget what I saw in that room that day."

God Lives in the NICU

"He will always be where he is needed. He will always be where he is welcomed."

Mom in Church Reveals Why Her Baby Never Cries—And It’s Totally Heartbreaking

"He sat nuzzled peacefully against her, not a peep out of him, even as my baby screamed at the top of his lungs."

Are Sundays Good for Babies?

“Sundays are hard for babies,” a church member said sympathetically as she handed back my crying daughter. It’s a truth universally acknowledged.

The Benefits of Having a Baby In Your Forties

"Being an older mom gives you a special perspective. You no longer worry about the little things, and you laugh easier. You can relax in your good credit score, financial stability, and stress-free life. Most of the time, anyway. Wink, wink."

‘The 11 Stages Of A Work Day Told By Babies’ Is Hilariously on Point

Let's be honest. Getting through the work day can be ROUGH—especially if you got a bad case of the Mondays. But no fear, babies are here to animate the oh-so-real struggle that is getting through your 9 to 5.