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Gone Without a Trace: Understanding Ghosting and Its Emotional Impact

Ghosting is the act of abruptly ending all communication with someone without any explanation, leaving the person on the receiving end feeling confused, hurt, and often questioning what went wrong.

10 Fascinating Facts About Sleep Paralysis Demons That Will Help Shed Light on This Scary Phenomenon

Discover 10 intriguing facts about sleep paralysis demons. Learn what they are, if they can harm you, and explore their cultural significance.

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Dear Mama, One Day You’ll Thank God for Your Strong-Willed Child. Here’s Why…

"I’ve learned strong-willed toddlers grow up to be strong-willed teens. And that’s more than okay. It’s actually a blessing and I wouldn’t change it if I could."

10 Truths God Wants Your Child to Know

"This season of life has made me think about what I want to hand down to my children."

“She Had Been Gone for Ten Years”: Why You Should Appreciate Your Mom While You Still Can

"If I could take back that selfish, missed time over the years I would pack it all together and take us on a trip to the beach. I would hold her hand as we walked along the seashore. I would laugh deeply at her crass jokes, I would soak up her smile even as she shyly tried to cover her mouth with her hand like she tended to do. I would say, 'I love you, Momma,' cause I’ve decided you can’t say that enough."

I’ve Decided to Leave My Husband and Children

"The fact was I would never feel good enough all the time, fully loved half the time, or totally appreciated and understood even some of the time."

“Are They All Yours? Is Your Husband Fixed?” Mom Asked Rude Questions by Strangers Gives Advice on How to Approach Big Families

“My goodness these can’t be all of yours right? You do know you have to pay for college and weddings for them all right? Is your husband fixed? Are you fixed?”

Your Kids Should Not Be the Most Important People in the Family

"Once upon a time in the United States of America, children were second-class citizens, to their advantage."

9 Things Your Kids Need (But Won’t Tell You)

"Parenting is a beautiful storm. Few endeavors are more life-giving and joy-filled. But it’s far from easy. Some days all you can do is hold on."