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Jalen Hurts Donates $200,000 to Install New Air Conditioning Units in Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has made a remarkable impact off the field with his recent donation to local Philadelphia schools

We Are Living in a “Silent Depression”: Why Everything Feels So Expensive in 2024

By comparing household income and cost of living during the Great Depression with today’s economic conditions, we can see just how much of a toll the Silent Depression is having on this generation.

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Let Go of the Dream Husband You Created in Your Head

"Who’s the most selfish person in the relationship? It’s the one who’s breathing. It’s him, it’s her, it’s you, it’s me. We’re all selfish. That’s the easy part of marriage."

The Only Silent Marriage Killer More Deadly Than Sex, Affairs & Money

"Not only was I given a sharp lesson in humility, but what followed changed my life. I was about to be told the best piece of marriage advice that this young, prideful, newly married man-boy could’ve ever asked for."

I Love My Husband—But My Expectations Almost Destroyed Our Marriage

When we had our first child, it became painfully obvious to me how often I lived with a sense of entitlement and a list of expectations.

To the Wife With Sky-High Expectations

William Shakespeare told us, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” He wasn’t kidding.

The Truth About Bad Hallmark Movies, High Expectations, & an Imperfect Christmas

"I have an opinion. And it isn’t very popular, so I need to make sure nobody’s holding any stones before I share it. Alright, here goes. I do not like Hallmark movies, Christmas or not. I can’t appreciate them for what they are..."

2 Reasons Your Marriage Isn’t The One You Dreamed Of

"Our marriage does not match the one I imagined as a girl. It doesn’t even come close to comparing to the marriages I see on Facebook, or sitting in church a few rows in front of us."