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Twins Found Floating Face Down in Backyard Pool. 6-Yr-Old Who Can’t Swim Dives in After Them in Bold Rescue.

“They were completely gone, there was no life left in them. They were blue. They were limp. There was no heartbeat. There was nothing."

12 Little-Known Facts About Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge’s Enduring Popularity

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has charmed the world with her grace, style, and unwavering commitment to her royal duties. Here, we look at what people have fallen in love with.

Teen Kicked Out of Christian School for Performing in Venues that Serve Alcohol

Bailey Griggs, a promising young singer-songwriter, from Cramerton Christian Academy in North Carolina was recently expelled from her senior year after the school learned that she was performing in venues that serve alcohol.

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“John Was My PATIENT and I Was Married. I Made an Online Dating Profile When Suddenly a New Profile Popped Up on My Screen”:...

"...And there was that earth-shattering grin staring right at me from the screen of my phone."

“You Scare Me Mommy”: Anxiety-Ridden Mom Ready to ‘BLAST’ Her Innocent Daughter Recounts Tender Moment That ‘Melted’ Her Rage

I stared at her and she held out her arms for me. Me. The scary monster. She wanted me. The same person who frightened her, she was seeking comfort from.

Churches Follow the Example of Mister Rogers in Foot-Washing Ceremonies

During an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1969, when many public swimming pools still were segregated, Rogers invited Francois Clemmons, the show’s black police officer, to soak his feet with him in a kiddie pool on a hot day.

Dear Husband: When I Forget to See You

"I know that you question if you’ve done well, and let me tell you something: you’ve done so, so, well. You’ve done better than I could have expected. You have been my best and my favorite surprise."

“I Saw a Man Crying by the Gas Pump. I Put My Card in & Told Him Jesus Christ Died to Provide for You”:...

"It is 10 degrees and freezing cold. I look at his car and see his wife in the front seat covering her face and 2 teenage girls both cuddling under a blanket in the back seat."

‘Don’t Search for Flowers or Chocolates, Sister. Marry the Guy Who Will Push Your Grocery Cart.’

The flowers die. The chocolate and meals get devoured. And the surprise getaways happen, and then they’re over. But it’s in the moments that you can depend on (over and over and over again), well, that’s where the love is found.

Dear Husbands, Don’t Be a Bonehead

She can tell that even though you are present, you aren’t really with her. God gave women the incredible gift of emotional intelligence, and they have this gut instinct that is sometimes freakishly accurate. 

The Four Men I Have Loved Before

"It took a few tries, and I don’t count them all as failures. I see them as seasons of growth, seasons to fall, seasons to bring me to where I am today."