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Carrie Underwood Unveiled: The Power of Christian Faith in Her Chart-Topping Hits

Explore the journey of Carrie Underwood as a Christian artist, blending her deep faith with her musical talent to inspire a generation. Discover how her songs of faith, hope, and love transcend boundaries, making her a beacon of Christian artistry in contemporary music.

From the Heartland to Hollywood: The Roots of America’s Favorite Christian Comedians

Discover the diverse origins of beloved Christian comedians like Chonda Pierce, Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., and others. Explore how their hometowns from the Midwest to the South have shaped their unique comedic voices, offering humor that resonates with family values and faith.

Embracing Your Identity: Thriving as a Daughter of the King Amidst the Chaos of Modern Life

Discover how to thrive in modern life by embracing your identity as a Daughter of the King. Find strength, purpose, and peace amidst the chaos with timeless wisdom and practical insights.

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Dear Dads, Please Take the Picture…Even When She’s Not Looking

One day she'll be gone and all the kids have left of her are memories.

To the Facebook Friend Who Asked “How Would You Like to Lose the Rest of Your Baby Weight?”

"That was the sixth message like this I have gotten this month. THE SIXTH."

“Chunky” Wife Reveals How Her Perfectly Fit Husband Really Feels About Her Body in Viral Post

"I don't have a flat stomach, I jiggle when I walk, [heck], if I run up the stairs too fast my body claps!"

Preemie Survives Only 2 Hours—But This Simple Procedure Would’ve Saved Her Life

"As I held her, she gasped for breath. I told her that I was so sorry. I told her I loved her. I told her it was okay to let go. Seeing your child dying and knowing that there is nothing you can do to save them, it’s a terrible feeling. You’re helpless."

The Day I Overheard My Husband Talking to His Friends About My Stretch Marks

"I had hated myself for the very reasons he loved me."

To the Mom With the Screaming Toddlers & Complaining Teenagers

“A house full of screaming kids and fighting teenagers and a parent who's being thrown every question and request is a healthy one to me."